Double Cone Blender

The field of usefulness of Double cone for rapid, homogeneous blending and efficient drying is practically unlimited. As blender gently revolves a folding, spreading action ensures thorough uniform mixing, irrespective of material proportions or number of materials charged.
Addition of liquid line & atomizer which remains stationary can give controlled uniform addition of liquid to dry powder. To avoid formation of lumps or re aggregation, internal lump breaker of different types can also be provided.

Features Of Double Cone Blender

  • GMP compliant.
  • Contact parts manufactured in Stainless Steel.
  • The “Double Cone” ensures good rolling and Cross mixing.
  • A-shaped frames provide stability of structure.
  • Main drive provided with Variable Frequency Drive to control Blender RPM.
  • Smart-stop arrangement to ensure that the Blender always stops in an upright position.
  • Internal baffles ensure good blending and break lumps.
  • Guard rails are provided with limit switch for safety.