Lotion Mixer Manufacturer

The unit is specially made for dry mixing, blending etc. The Mixer Manufacturer is supplied complete with 1No. Stainless Steel 316 drum having an airtight lid, with quick closing and opening clamps. The capacity of the drum is 200 liters, and it can mix 50 to 80 kgs. of material.
The Drum is driven in slanting position and therefore a three dimensional motion is obtained which gives very good and efficient mixing. The machine works on 1.5 H.P.440 volt motor with reduction gearbox. All contact parts are made out of S.S. 316 quality and Body cladded with S.S. 304, 18 Gauge sheet. Stainless Steel parts polished as matt finish by 120 grit.

Lotion Mixer Manufacturer are mainly used in application fields such as:

  • The Chemical Industry
  • The pharmaceutical Industry.
  • The Food Industry.
  • A-shaped frames provide stability of structure.
  • The Animal Feed Industry.
  • The Plastic Industry.
  • Colours and Lacquers.
  • Metallurgy.
  • Milling.