Nauta Dryer manufacturer

Heat energy is basically transferred into the product through a jacketed vessel wall causing solvents or moisture residues to evaporate. A rotating screw orbits along the vessel wall and helps the vapours to escape to the surface, at the same time providing a frequent exchange of particles in contact with the heated surface.
A Vacuum system keeps the vessel under constant vacuum and removes vapours from the vessel. Entrained dust particles are separated in a filter mounted above the Dryer manufacturer.

Features Of Nauta Dryer manufacturer

  • Fast drying times as the mixing screw continuously circulates the product from the bottom to the top of the vessel improving heat transfer conditions.
  • Final moisture after drying is possible down to 0%.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Gentle to product.
  • Quick and efficient removal of vapours.
  • Recovery of pure solvents is possible.
  • Dried solids are suitable for direct use.
  • Easy to clean.