Why Should to Have a Nauta Dryer / Conical Screw Dryer?

To bring a more advantageous form in the Vacuum tray dryers, Nauta Dryer / Conical Screw Dryer were introduced in the market. These are the universal dryers that are best for drying out different materials like pastes, powders, slurries, and granules. These are all sensitive to heat products that include many solvents and thus lead to toxic explosives. Nauta Dryer / Conical Screw Dryer can easily handle products that become sticky while drying. Thus, you can use this dryer for conducting crystallisation, cooling, liquid separation, sterilisation, and deaeration.

What are the features of Nauta Dryer / Conical Screw Dryer?

  • Use Nauta Dryer / Conical Screw Dryer for various purposes and carrying different processes.
  • It works very efficiently to dry out vicious and heavy pastes.
  • It does not cause any product degradation and segregation and thus retain material quality.

Why do you need a Nauta Dryer / Conical Screw Dryer?

  • Smart dryer
    When it is about Nauta Dryer / Conical Screw Dryer, it follows a unique technology to handle different products, including filter, powders, cakes, and slurries.
  • Energy-saving Dryers
    While designing a Conical Screw Dryer, it is essential to consider its energy efficiency factor. At Industrial Equipments, you will get to know full construction and art of conical dryers to save energy.

What are the specifications of Nauta Dryer / Conical Screw Dryer?

Nauta Dryer / Conical Screw Dryer has the working principle of three-dimensional action that action is produced with the turning of the screw. This screw will now rotate itself around the wall. It works very fast with high accuracy in the mixing operation and consumes less power. While operating, this conical screw dryer generates less heat as compared to other dryers. Another best feature for this dryer is the self-emptying that does not retain much material inside it.

Conclusion: Thus it has reduced your work. Nauta Conical Screw dryer has a good volume in the range of 5-15000 litres. At Industrial equipments, you will get high-quality stainless steel Nauta Dryer / Conical Screw Dryers that work very efficiently and accurately.

nauta dryer and conical screw dryer