Contra Rotary Mixer is the best equipment by the manufacturers for blending different products. The high speed mixing with the best choice for beater meets every requirement to fulfill liquid to liquid and liquid to solid mixing. In the mixing, it does not depend on what is the shape, viscosity, and gravity of the particles are.


Contra rotary movement of the beaters (agitator) for intimate mixing a wide range materials has been employed with advantage in the industry. Contra Rotary Mixers with judicious choice of beater and its speed meet mixing requirements of difficult liquid to liquid, liquid to solid and solid to solid blending irrespective of difference in specific gravity, shape, viscosity and proportion of constituents. Besides charging and discharging of the material under process is quick.

The bowl can be jacketed for cooling and heating and also provided with a conical cover to avoid dusting and spillage. The operations that can be carried out are mixing, kneading, emulsifying, cutting, etc.

• Pharmaceuticals
• Cosmetics
• Food and confectioneries
• Soaps
• Pesticide
• Colour and pigments
• Plastic and p.v.c. adhesives and coating compounds
• Detergents
• Ceramics

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  • Mixers & blenders such as Conical , Double-cone, Octogonal , Y or V, Cube, Planetary.
  • Ribbon for mixing free flowing mixers.
  • Vacuum and jacketed mixers such as Planetary , Contra rotary ,& Fryma.
  • Sigma and Forburg type mixers for Soap and Adhesive Industries.
  • Jacketed and vacuum dryers such as nauta (conical).
  • Tooth paste plant , cream and cosmetic plant equipment.
  • Chicken feed plants.
  • Adhesive And Silicon Sealant Mixing Plant.
  • Tooth powder and talcum powder plants.
  • Tanks and vessels.


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