The Planetary Mixer has a single blade and double operation that gives a solution for the wide mixing issues. It is best for mixing and kneading of the granules and other similar products. It works on the principle of rotation of planetary blades to ensure effective and complete mixing.


Planetary mixers both single blade mixer and double blade mixer offers solutions to wide range of mixing problems. These mixers are designed for intensive mixing, dispersing, & kneading of products such as adhesives, sealants, light caulks, pastes, coatings, granulations, and similar products of medium to high viscosity.

These mixers are based on the principle of the rotation of the planetary blades on their own axis while they travel around the center of the mixing bowl which ensures complete and effective mixing. The mixers are manufactured to rigid standards with many features and options available.

• Single or Double blade arrangement.
• Scraper blade.
• Single base structure to for simplicity in mounting.
• Lift hydraulically operated.
• Durable planetary gears for long life.
• Heating, Cooling or Vacuum Construction.

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  • Mixers & blenders such as Conical , Double-cone, Octogonal , Y or V, Cube, Planetary.
  • Ribbon for mixing free flowing mixers.
  • Vacuum and jacketed mixers such as Planetary , Contra rotary ,& Fryma.
  • Sigma and Forburg type mixers for Soap and Adhesive Industries.
  • Jacketed and vacuum dryers such as nauta (conical).
  • Tooth paste plant , cream and cosmetic plant equipment.
  • Chicken feed plants.
  • Adhesive And Silicon Sealant Mixing Plant.
  • Tooth powder and talcum powder plants..
  • Tanks and vessels.


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