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Ribbon Blender/Mixer

Ribbon Blender/Mixer

Ribbon Blender/Mixer

Details about Ribbon Blender/mixer :

Ribbon blender/Ribbon Mixer is to offer the best clearance at the bottom, which has reduced human work. The Ribbon Mixer/Blender manufacturer designed their Outer ribbon to move the entire material in one direction, and thus inner one works in the other direction. Thus two opposite movement of the material does not let it stick to the walls and blends in fewer cycles.

The ribbon blender/mixer manufactured by us are of best quality. We are one of the experienced  Ribbon Blender and Ribbon Mixer Manufacturer


The main impeller having precise minimal clearance with flat bottom of processing bowl in combination with chopper mounted on side wall, gives desired high shear mixing.

The most effective design of ribbon layout is the double spiral in which the outer ribbon moves the product in one direction and the inner ribbon moves it in the opposite direction. The ribbons rotate and move materials both radially and laterally to insure through blends in short cycle times.

Nauta dryer is a kind of conical vacuum dryer, there is an agitator inside the cylinder to stir the raw material, which could reach GMP standard, is widely used for pharmaceutical, biological, chemical and food industries. And it is suitable for drying and concentrating liquid, filter cake, powder and particle material.

The thermal energy needed for drying is introduced into the product through a heated jacket that can be heated by various media including steam, hot oil and water. The jacket provides rapid distribution of heat into the product in combination with efficient mixing.

            our services

  • Mixers & blenders such as Conical , Double-cone, Octogonal , Y or V, Cube, Planetary.
  • Ribbon for mixing free flowing mixers.
  • Vacuum and jacketed mixers such as Planetary , Contra rotary ,& Fryma.
  • Sigma and Forburg type mixers for Soap and Adhesive Industries.
  • Jacketed and vacuum dryers such as nauta (conical).
  • Tooth paste plant , cream and cosmetic plant equipment.
  • Chicken feed plants.
  • Adhesive And Silicon Sealant Mixing Plant.
  • Tooth powder and talcum powder plants..
  • Tanks and vessels.


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