Storage Tanks are highly safe and effective to use. These can easily hold liquids, gases, or act as the medium used in the short term and long term storage of the materials without harming the quality. You can store any hot or cold products inside these tanks.


We fabricate qualitative range of storage tanks which are highly effective and safe to use. These are offered in various materials which include:

Various types of Storage Tanks which include
• Capacity any.
• Conical top.
• Flat bottom with hand railing, platform, ladder, ladder cage manholes.
• level Indicator, floating Roof.
• Internal heating coil arrangement.

Moreover, it is manufactured in accordance with client requirement and can be delivered within stipulated time frame. Below mentioned are its specifications:

• Conical top
• Working temperature up to: Atm To 200Deg cent
Radiography, X-ray - 100%

            our services

  • Mixers & blenders such as Conical , Double-cone, Octogonal , Y or V, Cube, Planetary.
  • Ribbon for mixing free flowing mixers.
  • Vacuum and jacketed mixers such as Planetary , Contra rotary ,& Fryma.
  • Sigma and Forburg type mixers for Soap and Adhesive Industries.
  • Jacketed and vacuum dryers such as nauta (conical).
  • Tooth paste plant , cream and cosmetic plant equipment.
  • Chicken feed plants.
  • Adhesive And Silicon Sealant Mixing Plant.
  • Tooth powder and talcum powder plants..
  • Tanks and vessels.


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